Avrex aka Avery A. Belton is a musician born outside of Boston in Leominster, Massachusetts.


Taking the first part of his name Av and adding Rex the latin word for king, used to describe king's in Ancient Rome we give you The Movement "Avrex".The movement is made up of DISCIPLES who care for their families, love God and have a passion for creating their own businesses. Community involvement youth outreach and Christian ministry outreach is the staple and foundation of his belief.


From the age of 9-17 Avrex was moved to and from foster homes, mental institutions, group homes and jail. This makes his story so powerful and gives explanation to why he deems the CHILDREN most important in establishing faith.


In reference to, Avrex say's "children are the thermostat to which we can see the good given from God in it's infancy before sin has bloomed in it's conscious state". Avrex also believes that health wellness and discipline are at the forefront of being an entrepreneur at high levels of productivity.

Many of his adult years were also spent in torment, losing his manager Isaac Preko in a car accident in which Avrex survived was indeed difficult and in the beginning of his career.

In memory of his friend and manager Avrex has also launched Saac Ent. An entertainment company design to help artist develop and collect revenue owed due to the new streaming age. Through this torment and mis-fortune we now have a faith driven, groomed strategic business man and artist who has made his own lane. In efforts to assist adults and children in seeking God for true freedom, not through finances or external circumstances. To all of these mis-fortunate things Avrex counts it all joy and continues to speak, rap, sing and create personal relationships around the world through positivity and love.

The self proclaimed entrepreneur is not only a producer/ rapper he is the founding CEO of Sales To Sales Marketing Incorporated. The marketing firm assists the top telecom companies in the US in their strategic marketing and customer acquisition programs. His successful marketing business models have established him as one of the most influential direct sales business owners of his time. He is also the youngest African American telecom directs sales contract owner in the US established at the age of 27. 

As it relates to Avrex is not new to the entertainment industry, from touring with cousin, mentor and Hip-Hop legend KrumbSantcha on D&D Records to recording with some of the largest performers in the music industry.

Avrex first break comes when KrumbSnatcha and Guru (Gangstarr Foundation) reached out to put him on an ILLKidd Records (Guru's record label) compilation Produce by DJ Lord Ron. In the passing of Guru his response to Guru's earlier help, he has collaborated with Guru's family and founding member of Gangstarr Foundation Big Shug in keeping Guru's memory alive and being featured on various records.

With his debut album coming out "Repent" and international tour we are excited about what Avrex is doing.


Avrex is not just a person it is a "Movement" a "Way of Life" to BECOME the best you possible.

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